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Professional Video Editing


We all understand how important it is to find a video editor who can efficiently assemble your video footage into a clear and compelling story that is delivered on time.

Whether you are looking to work with an editor for an upcoming full length film, short documentary, commercials, memorial video, highlight video for a special occasion we can help.

Austin Video Solutions has streamlined the video editing process and offer a variety of ways for our clients to work with one of our video editors.

 You can choose to sit in with an editor to work on your film or work with a video editor online remotely.

Your video editor will give you access online to your video project.

Allowing you the time to preview the first cut of your film.

This gives you a chance to collaborate, revise and fine tune your video before it is mastered.


Outside of cutting and assembling your video into a powerful story we also offer a full line of post production services.

Our video production team can handle any type of project.



Common Services Available:

  • remove unwanted footage from a master video source
  • assemble footage sifting through multiple clips to locate the best shots
  • add effects
  • graphics
  • add music
  • color correction
  • motion graphics
  • audio enhancements
  • over-dubs
  • captioning
  • animations
  • forensics
  • multicam editing

Post production | Video editing services

  • wedding video creation
  • anniversary & engagement video creation
  • montage best of videos
  • memorial videos
  • highlight reels
  • animated explainer videos
  • real estate and property listing video creation
  • drone footage
  • athletic sports highlight reels
  • interviews
  • commercials
  • viral video and social media ads
  • and more!

Need a memorial video created for a funeral?

We will thoughtfully create a beautiful memorial video or tribute video from the photos and video you submit.

The memorial video can be screened during the ceremony.

We can contact the church to verify what format video they require.

The final video can be burned onto DVD or thumb-drive and passed out to family and friends after the service.

Collaborate online with an editor.

Save time and avoid traffic! Work with a video editor from the comfort of home or from your office.

Simply upload your video footage along with your instructions using www.dropbox.com or www.wetransfer.com

to send us a link to the folder containing your media.

Feel free and visit our Pricing Page for more details.

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Professional Video Editing Services

Slideshow Creation Services


Turn your newly digitized photos and video into special highlight videos for special occasions.

Allow Austin Video Solutions to create a very special slide-show from your family photos and video along with music, graphics and text.

Tell the story of a love ones life or of a special occasion.

Our slideshows make great gifts for birthdays, Quinceañeras, Memorials, Anniversaries and more.

We can scan your photo’s and slides and then assemble with music, video clips, text and graphics to make a slide-show video that is truly spectacular!

We will bring your photos to life using a subtle zoom in/out effect (KEN BURNS).

You will receive:

  • Instant Online access to downloadable finished video!
  • Up to 2 revisions will be available to you.
  • Stream,download and share your final video to your family and friends.


If you all the video and photo assets already digitized.


You can send them to us via www.wetransfer.com or www.dropbox.com


along with any pertinent information that you would think we need

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