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Slideshow Creation Services

Whether you are looking to have a thoughtful memorial video created for a loved one to be played at a funeral.

Looking for a special anniversary video showcasing the best moments throughout the years set to your favorite music.

We can create the perfect video for you!


What we need to get started

All the photos, slides and video that you would like included into your video.

A list of music that you would like for us to use for your video along with any text you would like inserted into the video feature.

When you have everything gathered up simply schedule an online appointment with us.

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Slide-Show Creation

Austin Video Solutions video creation services can create a very special video slide-show feature for any type of special occasions.

To get started we are going to need to know everything you would like to have included into your video.

Simply gather all the photos that you would like to have included and put them in the order in which you would like them displayed.

You can add video as well along with music, logos, graphics and text.

We can digitize photos, film and videotapes 

If you don’t already have the photo’s and video digitized we can digitize everything from

photographs slides, film reels and every type of videotape ever made.

We can scan your photo’s and slides and then assemble with

music, video clips, text and graphics to make a slide-show video that is truly spectacular!

Our slideshows make great gifts for birthdays, Quinceañeras, Memorials, Anniversaries and more.

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Austin Video Solutions Slideshow Examples

All the videos below are videos created by Austin Video Solutions for various purposes.

They range from product promotional videos for online retail to special event highlight videos.

Professional Video Editing

We all understand how important it is to find a video editor who can magically assemble your

raw video footage into a clear and compelling story that is delivered on time.

Austin Video Solutions has streamlined the video editing process and offer a variety of post production options.

You can choose to sit in with an editor to work on your film or work with a video editor online remotely.

Your video editor will give you access online to your video project.

Allowing you the time to preview the first cut of your film.

This gives you a chance to collaborate, revise and fine tune your video before it is mastered.

Outside of cutting and assembling your video into a powerful story we also offer a full line of post production services.

Services Available:

  • remove unwanted footage from a master video source
  • create a flow
  • add effects
  • graphics
  • music to alter the style, pace or mood of your video.
  • Color Correction,
  • Motion Graphics,
  • Audio enhancements,
  • over-dubs,
  • captioning
  • and animations.

Our video production team can handle any type of project.

Whether you are looking to work with an editor for an upcoming full length film, short documentary,

commercial, memorial video, highlight video for a special occasion we can help!