Videotape to DVD Transfers

Preserve Your Memories with Professional Videotape to DVD Transfer Services

Preserve Your Memories for Generations with High-Quality Videotape to DVD Transfers.

Don’t let your old videotapes collect dust – convert them to DVD at Austin Video Solutions for easy access and archiving. Learn about our Basic, Beyond Basic, and Way Beyond Basic transfer options.

We understand how important your home videos and memories captured on videotape truly are. However, the fragile VHS and camcorder formats simply do not stand the test of time. Exposure to heat, light, and general wear and tear causes tapes to deteriorate and picture or sound quality to degrade. Don’t let your irreplaceable memories be lost – convert them to digital DVD today for long-term preservation and easy access.

For over 10 years, Austin Video Solutions has been the trusted leader for professional videotape to DVD transfers. We offer three transfer options – Basic, Beyond Basic, and Way Beyond Basic – to suit all budgets and needs. Our Basic service provides a straightforward transfer without frills, preserving your memories in DVD quality for a reasonable price. Beyond Basic adds scene selection and menus for improved navigation of longer videos.

For milestone events like weddings or anniversaries, choose our premium Way Beyond Basic service. Custom multi-layer menus, intro animations, and flexible chaptering allow you to create a truly cinematic viewing experience that does your special moments justice. Regardless of which option you select, you can rest assured your treasured videos will be carefully transferred by our skilled technicians using only the highest quality DVD discs and packaging for long-term stability.


Q: What video formats can you transfer?
A: We can transfer common consumer formats like VHS, miniDV, Hi8, and VHS-C as well as some professional tapes.
Q: How long will the transfer process take?
A: Standard definition transfers usually take 1-2 days. Rush services are available for expedited 1 day turnaround.
Q: Can you help us digitize and edit our raw camcorder footage?
A: Yes, we offer additional video production services like digitization, editing, and mastering if needed.

Conclusion: Don’t let the fragile platforms your memories reside on become your videos’ downfall. Contact Austin Video Solutions today to easily preserve your unearthed home movies and special events for generations of family members to enjoy. Our professional transfers ensure your memories will be lovingly stored on durable DVD for years to come.