Austin Video Solutions: Preserve Your Precious Memories

At Austin Video Solutions, we’re passionate about preserving your precious memories through our range of high-quality video and photo digitization services. With state-of-the-art equipment and a keen eye for detail, our expert technicians are dedicated to transforming your cherished moments into lasting digital formats.

Our Services

Professional Video Editing and Post-Production

  • Videotape to Digital: Convert your old tapes into digital files ready for the modern age, stored on a thumb-drive or uploaded online for easy sharing.
  • Film to Digital: Digitize 8mm and Super 8mm reel films to 4K digital files, ensuring each frame is captured with our frame-by-frame processing.
  • Photo and Slide Digitization: We scan and digitize photos, slides, and negatives, breathing new life into your old pictures.

Specialized Digitization Options

Choose the Best Option for You:

  1. Transfer to DVD: For traditional preservation and playback.
  2. Convert to Digital Files: Save your memories onto a thumb-drive or external hard-drive.
  3. Online Upload: Stream and share with family and friends with our cloud upload service.

Why Choose Us

  • Quality Assurance: Using top-notch technology, we offer the best capture of your memories.
  • Custom Service: From basic transfers to fully customized DVDs with advanced features.
  • Diverse Formats: Handling all formats of videotapes and film for your convenience.

Popular Services

  • Videotape Transfers
  • Digital File Conversions
  • Photo, Slide, and Audio Digitization
  • Custom Slide-Shows
  • Memorial and Tribute Videos
  • Restoration Services: Video, Audio, and Photo
  • AI-enhanced Upscaling: Enhance low-resolution content to high definition.


Preserve and Share Your Memories


Video Tape to DVD Transfers

  • Options Available: Basic Transfer, Beyond Basic, and Way Beyond Basic Transfer.
  • Pricing: Affordable options available per tape with the promise of quality.
  • Benefits: Ensure the longevity of your memories with our DVD transfer services.

Videotape Transfer to Computer Files

  • Flexible Options: Select from our services based on your needs and budget.
  • Quality Digital Files: High-quality digital video files for lasting preservation.
  • File Formats Offered: Including Apple ProRes 422, .DV, .MOV, .MPG, and more.

Get Started with Austin Video Solutions

Don’t let your precious memories fade away into obscurity. With Austin Video Solutions, you can rest assured that your videos, photos, and audio recordings are preserved with the utmost care and attention to detail. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and take the first step in preserving your treasures for generations to come.



Austin Video Solutions: Preserving Precious Memories

At Austin Video Solutions, we dedicate ourselves to preserving and revitalizing your cherished memories with a full spectrum of digitization and editing services. Our high-quality offerings ensure your favorite moments can be enjoyed and shared for years to come.

Book an Appointment

Start the journey to preserve your memories today by booking an appointment with Austin Video Solutions. Our professional services guarantee satisfaction and impeccable outcomes.

Professional Video Editing and Post-Production Services

Videotape Digitization

  • Transfer Solutions: Convert various videotape formats to DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital files with the option for thumb-drive storage or cloud uploads for easy sharing.
  • Formats and Storage: Wide variety of encoding formats available, with storage options including external hard drives or cloud services for accessibility on smart devices.

Photo, Slide, and Film Digitization Services

  • 8mm and Super 8mm Films: Frame-by-frame processing into 4K digital video files, ensuring top-quality results.
  • Photo and Slide Digitization: Professional scanning of photos, slides, positive film, and negatives in both color and black & white.

Our Services Overview

Professional Video Editing and Post-Production

Our skilled editors enhance footage through color adjustments, effects, and other improvements for a polished final product.

Videotape to Digital Media

  • DVD Transfers: Transfer aging videotapes to durable DVDs.
  • Digital File Conversions: Convert tapes to digital files for modern device compatibility.
  • Online Access: Stream, download, and share converted tapes online.

Film and Slide Digitization

High-quality digitization of 8mm and Super 8mm film reels, plus photo and slide scanning services to preserve and enhance images.

Custom Creations and Restoration Services

  • Slideshow Creations: Customized slideshows incorporating photos, videos, and music.
  • Audio Cassette Conversion: Digitize audio cassettes for contemporary playback.
  • Memorial and Tribute Videos: Craft heartfelt videos to honor loved ones.
  • Restoration Services:
    • Video and audio restoration to revive quality of aged or damaged recordings.
    • Photo restoration to repair and enhance old or damaged photographs.
  • AI Upscale Services: Utilize advanced AI to elevate standard-definition videos to 4K and low-resolution images to high resolution, ensuring your memories look their best in the modern digital era.

Austin Video Solutions stands as your partner in preserving and enhancing your treasured memories through our comprehensive digitization and editing solutions. Book your appointment now to bring your favorite moments back to life with the unmatched clarity and quality they deserve.


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Daughter’s Birthday Video

Ben with Austin Video Solutions created the perfect birthday video for my daughter’s 16th birthday. This video was a very special birthday and Ben understood what I was wanting and made it happen. He accomodated the changes I asked for and was easy to work with, creative, responded to messages quickly and it was worth every penny. Use Ben he will create what you are wanting!

Karen H May 2, 2018 Customer since Mar 2018


Pleasant Professional

Ben Dotto is a consummate pro! I’ve collaborated w/ him for a number of projects from editing video I’ve shot of concerts I’ve performed in, to shoots that he has shot and edited, to video he has done amazing post production work on. He is prompt, easy- going and fun to work with. He is open to ideas and has a comprehensive video vocabulary making my scripts so much funnier with his masterful editing. I call him “my editor” now. Thank you Ben, I look forward to more projects w/ you.

Mark Flores Apr 26, 2018 Customer since Jan 2016


Great Job Always

I have been using Austin Video solutions to put together videos of all my family vacations for the past few years. They have always come out perfect. Ben is always trying to make the videos special and unique. I continue to use him to ensure our trips are always remembered in a unique and fun way.

Don Elledge Mar 26, 2018 Customer since Sep 2015


Fantastic Service and marvelous outcome!!!

We are so happy with the transfers to DVD that we are immediately hoping to have all our other lms and tapes updated for all the future generations … Thank you Ben for taking such great care of the family’s fond memories and helping to insure that they are view able for the generations to come… The service and outcome was much much more than expected. Thank you for your e orts and for arranging it for our family gathering. We are more than pleased!!!

The McMillin Family Jan 4, 2018 Customer since Dec 2017


Fantastic Service

My dad recently passed, and I needed help to create a video memorial. I am so grateful that I found and called Ben. He listened to my needs, took my old photos, we discussed some ideas and we went through the photos, and some possible songs. In the end, Ben made such an awesome memorial. As I viewed the nal product, I was very emotional seeing it. I cannot thank Ben enough. We all only one dad, so I am very truly grateful for his dedication, commitment and compassion in getting it right.

M.R. Dec 18, 2017 Customer since Nov 2017

Fast reliable service

Ben did a quick turnaround for a Christmas gift of 18 video to dvd’s. The work was good and he had these ready as promised. Thanks!

Mahlin Musgrove Dec 28, 2018 Customer since Dec 2018

Awesome and quick

Ben really help me out to get this VHS of old family videos digitized. He is awesome and totally trustworthy with your treasured family videos/pictures.

Mary A Dec 25, 2018 Customer since Nov 2018

Awesome Experience!

Ben is as professional as can be! I had tapes that been sitting around for over 18 years and he transferred everything perfectly! I was a bit nervous about leaving my memories with someone, but I have never been happier with the result. His turn around time was better than I expected.

I plan on bring the rest of my tapes very soon. Thank you Ben!

Raquel B Nov 13, 2018 Customer since Nov 2018


Outstanding service!

Ben did a great job transferring VCR tapes to DVD for me. He got the job done the next day and his attention to detail and responsiveness throughout the process were awesome.

Jonathan Kaplan Sep 24, 2018 Customer since Apr 2018

Great Service

I had some video copied from a VCR cassette to DVDs. Ben did a fantastic job. He split the video to two DVDs just as requested. Will certainly be back. Very pleased!!

Diane Hartgraves Sep 18, 2018 Customer since Apr 2018


Five Star Service!

Austin Video Solutions is professional and knowledgeable . Turnaround was quick and efficient. Highly recommend.
Elyse W Sep 14, 2018 Customer since Sep 2018




Ben did a great job transferring my VHS tapes to DVD. I had around 15 tapes and he completed the work on-time and the DVDs look great. Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job.

Joe A Jul 30, 2018 Customer since Jul 2018



I have entrusted to Ben all of my home movies to transfer to DVD. He took the time to carefully transfer over 50 VHS tapes to DVD. He did a beautiful job. So thankful. I highly recommend him for all of your precious memories

Debra B Jul 25, 2018 Customer since Jan 2018

Excellent Service

Needed to convert vhs into dvd for a Mother’s Day gift. DVD was ready the next day, awesome quality. Friendly service, good prices!

Ashley M May 11, 2018 Customer since May 2018

VHS & Super 8 Transfers

I had some VHS tapes from the 90s that I wanted transferred to DVD and the service Ben provided was professional and incredibly prompt. The real bonus was learning he could digitize a Super 8 Film I’d shot 15 years ago! The quality of the transfer is fantastic and having it available on the cloud makes sharing with friends and family a real plus! Thanks Ben!

Claudia H May 7, 2018 Customer since May 2018


Twenty-two years ago, our budget was tight in planning our wedding so we had a friend o er to video record our wedding. Ben was able to take the lm and create a lovely memory for my husband and I by editing, adding favorite music, researching the location of our wedding, adding photos of the area and photos from our wedding album; and convert it all to DVD and iCloud. We could not be happier with the outcome. We highly recommend Ben’s video services, his professionalism and creativity.

Antoinette Andrews Dec 11, 2017 Customer since Nov 2017


So Glad I Found AVS and Ben

For years I have accumulated 1,000s of feet of family video. Finally, I decided to do something about it. I surveyed the eld of “converters” both national and local. Something about Ben’s no- u website and his sales narrative caught my eye. I took 3 tapes to him. The resulting digital versions were delivered on time and we’re absolutely stunning. Ben is as professional, pleasant, and talented a person as you will ever deal with. My other 100+ tapes are going to him.

Steve Phillips Dec 10, 2017 Customer since Nov 2017


Thanks for the Memories

Thanks much to Austin Video Solutions for putting it all together. I had a box of home movies we collected over a 20 year period; various formats from the many cameras we have owned. The movies had my most treasured moments, my children, my wife, and my parents; I was scared to put them in the mail; I considered them irreplaceable. AVS provided high quality reproduction in the format I selected on the medium I desired. Turnaround time to t my schedule, not predetermined store hours. Excellent!

Brad McDonald Oct 9, 2017 Customer since Sep 2017


Great Job

Ben, You did a great job on the video! Thanks for making it happen sir. I hope that I can win the scholarship. I will keep you posted sir-

Blaine. W. Sep 7, 2017 Customer since Nov 2016


Awesome customer service!

I am beyond impressed with Austin Video Solutions. Hands down the best customer service I have had in a long time. The editor, Ben, is extremely professional, organized, and friendly. I highly recommend AVS!

Kristen S Jul 27, 2017 Customer since Jul 2017


Exceptional quality and customer services!

Austin Video Solutions and editor Ben provided exceptional editing and courteous customer service at fantastic price. My project was nished promptly and with Bens guidance was a professional end design that was used in my advertising campaign and has created more contacts for my business. I highly recommend Ben and AVS for any editing or video design project Thank you AVS

UBERJEWELRYDESIGNS Jun 26, 2017 Customer since Oct 2013


AVS Rocks

Ben and AVS have been nothing short 0f GREAT. As a producer I have worked with countless post production houses and had mixed results. Some have cost me money and others cost me the job. Ben and his team on the other hand always do great work knock it out quickly and a more than reasonable price. A++!

Brandon Fokken Jun 26, 2017 Customer since Jan 2012