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Austin Video Solutions offers crystal clear and quick videotape to DVD transfers and professional video editing.

Austin Video Solutions

Austin Video Solutions is the home of affordable videotape to DVD transfers and professional video editing services. We can transfer your videotape collection to DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital files.

Your newly digitized files will be stored on your choice of either, an external hard drive, thumbdrive, DVD or uploaded online to the cloud for easy access and share-ability.

Gather up your VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digi8, MiniDV, MicroDV tapes, photos, film reels that you would like digitized. Navigate to our schedule your appointment page or click the Book Now link to schedule your appointment online.

Transferring your home videotapes to digital video is a great way to save space. It’s also a smart investment because digitizing your old media keeps your memories preserved for generations.

Austin Video Solutions offers crystal clear and quick videotape to DVD transfers with a super fast turnaround.

Videotape to DVD Transfers

We offer 3 options when transferring to DVD. Simply choose which option best suits your needs.

Basic Transfer: In order to digitize old family movies, some people only need the fundamental essentials, and this is where the basic transfer comes in.

Beyond Basic Transfer: This option DVD will contain a basic scene selection and an internal menu.
This makes locating your favorite moments on the DVD much more particular and promotes a more participatory viewing experience.

Way Beyond Basic Transfer: Authored DVDs feature fully edited multi-layer menus with introduction animations and chapter options.

Our Way Beyond Basic Transfer provides the ideal gift for anniversary’s, birthdays and all special occasions.



Videotape to Digital Files

Choose between an external hard drive, a thumb drive, or cloud storage to house your newly digitized files.

Convert your videotapes to digital files (.dv format)

Your video will be captured, then transcoded, and finally converted into MP4 files or digital video files with full resolution (whichever you prefer).

Converted video will be stored onto an external hard-drive or thumb-drive (must bring with you).

Available formats: 

Apple ProRes 422 (Quicktime MOV)






Video Editing Services

Our video editors can put together, edit, and make customized videos for any event. We can also scan your photos and convert your video tapes first if needed.

We offer a large selection of video editing and post-production services. such as creating highlight reels, best of videos, memorial tribute videos, promotional videos, commercials, and small-to-large full-length films.

Austin Video Solutions can build a very special slide show for you using photographs and videos of your family, together with music, graphics, and text that you provide.

Share the tale of a significant event or the life of someone you care about.

Birthdays, Quinceaneras, Memorials, Anniversaries, and other special occasions are all ideal opportunities to give slideshows as gifts because of their sensitive nature.

8mm and Super8 Film Digitization

8mm and Super8 film digitization with resolutions up to 4K. All film is scanned frame by frame to ensure optimal results.

The digital copy can be stored on a DVD, thumb-drive, or uploaded to the cloud for easy shareability.

Convert videotape to digital file


Convert your videotapes to digital files (.dv format)

Video will be captured, transcoded and converted into

full resolution digital video files.

Converted video will be stored onto an external hard-drive

or thumb-drive (must bring with you).

Available formats: .DV .MOV .MPG .MPEG .AVI

On Special for $14.99 per tape

Premium video to digital file conversion


Convert video tape to digital video (DV) and in web friendly mp4 format.

Digitized video will be stored on hard-drive and available online

for instant access!

Pick from a wide variety of video formats:

.dv .mov .avi .mkv .mpg .mpeg2 .wmv .mp4

Please bring blank hard drive with you. 

Files will be available online 1 year.

On special for $21.99 per tape

Transfer videotape to DVD

AVS transfer videotape to DVD service offers 3 options.

Simply choose which transfer videotape to DVD option that best suits your needs.


  • Basic Transfer to DVD
  • Beyond Basic Transfer to DVD
  • Way Beyond Basic Transfer

Pricing is per tape that can be up to 2 hours in duration.

Our DVD’s are professional grade and have a life span of 50-100 years!

Post production | Video editing services


  • wedding video creation
  • anniversary & engagement video creation
  • montage best of videos
  • memorial videos
  • highlight reels
  • animated explainer videos
  • real estate and property listing video creation
  • drone footage
  • athletic sports highlight reels
  • interviews
  • commercials
  • viral video and social media ads
  • and more!

We can convert your home videotape library to DVD, Blu-Ray, or digital files.

Transfer videotape to DVD

Professional Video Editing Services

We offer many ways to digitize your video tapes.

Videotape to Cloud Transfer

Your videotapes will be converted into a web friendly format and available to download or stream online.

You will have downloadable/streamable access to your digital files.

Share with family and friends with a single click of the mouse.

Videos will be available on our server for 1 year.

We can even upload your videos to your own cloud storage account if you have one.

Videotape to Cloud Server Benefits:

  • PC and Mac Compatible
  • Stream Home Videos on all your smart devices
  • Share with family and friends instantly!
  • 1 year cloud access!
  • Easily migrate files to your own personal cloud server (dropbox.com or amazon.com)
  • Real time access to your videos as they are processed!

Media Digitizing Services

  • transfer videotape to DVD
  • videotape to digital file conversions
  • video editing services
  • slideshow creation services
  • photo and slide scanning services
  • 8mm and super8 conversions
  • video restoration and forensic services
  • full line of post production services
  • DVD duplications
  • animations and graphics
  • online video editing collaboration services
  • so much more!


Simply book appointment to begin.

Convert videotape to digital

Video Tape to DVD Transfers 3 Options

Basic Transfer To DVD

$11.99 Per tape (that can be up to 2 hours in length).

Every 2 Hours of footage gets a fresh DVD to keep video quality high! 

The basic transfer is for those who are looking to digitize their old family movies and do not require anything more than bare bones transfer.  

The DVD will simply auto play in your DVD player and have chapter breaks every 5-10 minutes.  

*We understand that not all customers want to add advanced features to their home video transfers.

Straight Transfer allows our customers to receive a High-Quality capture and transfer to Digital/DVD without breaking the bank.

All formats of video cassette tapes: VHS, S-VHS, miniDV, VHS-C, Hi8, Video 8, miniDV included.

Beyond Basic Transfer

$14.99 per tape (up to 2 Hours of footage).

Like the Basic “Any Tape” Transfer however each DVD will have a basic scene selection and an internal menu. 

This makes locating your favorite moments on the DVD much more specific and creates a more interactive viewing experience.  

Video is captured in DV instead of mpeg2 raising the quality to maximum.

Along with being analyzed for color and time based correction.  



Way Beyond Basic Transfer

$45.99 per tape (that can be 2 Hours in length).

Also known as Authored DVD’s, this package includes completely customized multi-layer menus with intro animations and scene selections.

Each chapter will be viewable from a menu page in a little animated box, bubble or square.

You have the option to place family photos as the backdrop for the main menu and chapter menu’s.

Also music can be added to the menu. 

This is our premium DVD Transfer.  

Our Way Beyond Basic Transfer makes the perfect gift for anniversary’s, birthdays and all special occasions.

Scan photographs | Slideshow Creations

Slideshow Creation Services

Turn your newly digitized photos and video into special highlight videos for special occasions.

Allow Austin Video Solutions to create a very special slide-show from your family photos and video along with music, graphics and text.

Tell the story of a love ones life or of a special occasion.

Our slideshows make great gifts for birthdays, Quinceañeras, Memorials, Anniversaries and more.

We can scan your photo’s and slides and then assemble with music, video clips, text and graphics to make a slide-show video that is truly spectacular!

We will bring your photos to life using a subtle zoom in/out effect (KEN BURNS).

You will receive:

  • Instant Online access to downloadable finished video!
  • Up to 2 revisions will be available to you.
  • Stream,download and share your final video to your family and friends.
If you all the video and photo assets already digitized.
You can send them to us via www.wetransfer.com or www.dropbox.com
along with any pertinent information that you would think we need.

Premium Videotape to DV

Your videotapes will be converted into full resolution digital video files that you can play/edit on your computer.

You will have your digital video files stored on an external hard-drive along with uploaded to the cloud.

Download, Stream and Share your videos to family and friends.

You will get real time instant access to your newly digitized video files!

Formats available:

  • Apple ProRes 422
  • DV
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • MPG
  • MPEG
  • WMV

Video Restoration Services

Clarifying or enhancing damaged or poor quality video to improve overall detail and image quality.

  • Scaling/Pixel Interpolation
  • Sharpening
  • Shadow and Highlight Adjustments
  • Frame Averaging
  • Speed Reduction
  • Pixel Aspect Calibration
  • Motion Tracking and more
We Can Fix:
  • Spots
  • Scratches
  • Tears
  • Restore Color
  • Replace Backgrounds
  • Remove Elements from Photo and more!

Photo Scanning Services

Scan all your photographs, slides (positive film) and negatives into digital files
(Wide variety of formats such as jpeg, jpg, tiff, png, etc..)
We Can Scan:
  • Slide Scans 35mm

  • Print Scans (Photographs)

  • Color Negative Film

  • Black and White Negative Film
Files can be stored onto a thumb drive, Data DVD
or uploaded to the cloud where you can view, download or share with family.
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